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  The Undying Voice
   "...Left my sight. Stuck from within..."


I am the Editor of The Undying Voice.
This site will be a place of solditude.
A place without jugdement. That's what some need.
I do not believe I can change the world from a small site.
The time for the unspoken speak!
To The Undying Voice

My name is Samantha. I am 17.
This is my website and it is about the tiniest voice
inside my head. The thoughts that run around.
And I wish that one day this will become a newpaper.

June 19
Hey sorry I have not been updating anything.
I have a bunch of things going on.
I will try to get some more info when my computer is fixed.
I am not sure when it's going to be, though.

" Lost among the wild ooze of coruption. The undying voice shall be heard, by all..."